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Coxsackie virus heart disease: 15 years after. 1-gen-1988 Levi, G; Scalvini, S; Volterrani, M; Marangoni, S; Arosio, G; Quadri, A
Noninvasive assessment of pulmonary hypertension: a simultaneous echo-Doppler hemodynamic study. 1-gen-1988 Marangoni, S; Quadri, A; Dotti, A; Scalvini, S; Volterrani, M; Schena, M; Foglio, K; Errera, D; Levi, G
[Thrombolytic therapy in the treatment of thromboembolism of the right cardiac cavity during pulmonary embolism: our experience with rt-PA and review of the literature]. [Article in Italian] Cuccia C1, Franzoni P, Volpini M, Scalvini S, Volterrani M, Musmeci G, Metra M 1-gen-1990 Cuccia, C; Franzoni, P; Volpini, M; Scalvini, S; Volterrani, M; Musmeci, G; Metra, M
Physical rehabilitation in coronary patients who have suffered from episodes of cardiac failure. 1-gen-1992 Scalvini, S; Marangoni, S; Volterrani, M; Schena, M; Quadri, A; Levi, Gf
Effectiveness of intravenous rTPA in the treatment of massive pulmonary embolism and right heart thromboembolism. 1-gen-1993 Cuccia, C; Campana, M; Franzoni, P; Faggiano, P; Volterrani, M; Musmeci, G; Visioli, O
Skeletal muscle blood flow in heart failure measured by ultrafast computed tomography: validation by comparison with plethysmography. 1-gen-1993 Ludman, Pf; Volterrani, M; Clark, Al; Poole-Wilson, Pa; Rees, S; Coats, Aj
Symptoms and quality of life in heart failure: the muscle hypothesis. 1-gen-1994 Coats, Aj; Clark, Al; Piepoli, M; Volterrani, M; Poole-Wilson, Pa
Predictors of exercise capacity in chronic heart failure. 1-gen-1994 Volterrani, M; Clark, Al; Ludman, Pf; Swan, Jw; Adamopoulos, S; Piepoli, M; Coats, Aj
Decreased heart rate variability in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. 1-gen-1994 Volterrani, M; Scalvini, S; Mazzuero, G; Lanfranchi, P; Colombo, R; Clark, Al; Levi, G
Predictors of exercise capacity in chronic heart failure 1-gen-1994 Volterrani, M; Clarck, A L; Ludman, P F; Swan, J W; Adamaoupolos, S; Pipoli, M; Coats, A J
Relationship between arterial potassium and ventilation during exercise in patients with chronic heart failure. 1-gen-1995 Clark, Al; Volterrani, M; Cerquetani, E; Ludman, P; Swan, Jw; Poole-Wilson, Pa; Coats, Aj
Ventilation-perfusion matching in chronic heart failure. 1-gen-1995 Clark, Al1; Volterrani, M; Swan, Jw; Coats, Aj
Estrogen acutely increases peripheral blood flow in postmenopausal women. 1-gen-1995 Volterrani, M; Rosano, G; Coats, A; Beale, C; Collins, P
Respiratory and haemodynamic modifications during right heart catheterization in COLD patients. 1-gen-1995 Scalvini, S; Volterrani, M; Vitacca, M; Marangoni, S; Quadri, A; Levi, Gf
Detection and significance of a discrete very low frequency rhythm in RR interval variability in chronic congestive heart failure. 1-gen-1996 Ponikowski, P; Chua, Tp; Amadi, Aa; Piepoli, M; Harrington, D; Volterrani, M; Colombo, R; Mazzuero, G; Giordano, A; Coats, Aj
Leg blood flow, metabolism and exercise capacity in chronic stable heart failure. 1-gen-1996 Clark, A1; Volterrani, M; Swan, Jw; Hue, D; Hooper, J; Coats, Aj
Plasma hormone levels and haemodynamics in patients with chronic obstructive lung disease. 1-gen-1996 Scalvini, S1; Volterrani, M; Vitacca, M; Clark, Al; Solfrini, R; Panzali, Am; Ferrari, R; Levi, Gf.
Contribution of muscle afferents to the hemodynamic, autonomic, and ventilatory responses to exercise in patients with chronic heart failure: effects of physical training. 1-gen-1996 Piepoli, M; Clark, Al; Volterrani, M; Adamopoulos, S; Sleight, P; Coats, Aj
Factors which alter the relationship between ventilation and carbon dioxide production during exercise in normal subjects. C 1-gen-1996 Lark, Al; Volterrani, M; Piepoli, M; Coats, Aj
Haemodynamic effects of intravenous growth hormone in congestive heart failure. 1-gen-1997 Volterrani, M; Desenzani, P; Lorusso, R; D'Aloia, A; Manelli, F; Giustina, A
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